Tina Hakim Baba is a current student at Albert Einstein, Tina is the daughter of a Saudi Arabian oil sheik and a British former supermodel. She is said to be slightly plump but quite pretty.

She is referred to as a freak by the other students. Because of her father's status, she has to have the protection of a bodyguard, Wahim, who isolates her from the other students until Mia sits with her after a fight with Lilly in the first novel.

All three girls quickly develop a solid friendship, and Tina eventually uses her generous weekly allowance to support Lilly's Public-access television show. She first goes out with Dave Farouq-El-Abar from another school, 'Trinity', and later dates Boris Pelkowski after Lilly breaks his heart.

After Mia and Lilly's estrangement at the end of the eighth novel, Mia comes to see Tina as her best friend. Tina constantly reads romance novels, making Mia consider her an expert in romance. Though prone to imaginative flights of fancy and often seen (even by Mia) as a little silly, Tina can be extremely acute about both academic and social matters. Tina is very loyal to Mia, who consults her for sensitive advice rather than the harsher Lilly. Her screen name is Iluvromance.

In Sixsational (Princess in Training in the US) Mia comments that she wanted to be in Tina's mind as it "must be very restful there". In Seventh Heaven (published in the US as Party Princess) ,while mourning her assumed break-up with Michael,Mia says that she wishes she lived in "Tinaland".

Tina is said to be short and slightly heavy set, but later in the first book, Mia says that Tina looks more like a princess than the former ever could, indicating that Tina is reasonably attractive. In Mia's list of people she loves in the seventh book, Tina is eighth, below her best friend Lilly and above her second division friends, Shameeka,Ling Su and Perin.