Princess in the Spotlight
Author Meg Cabot
Series Princess Diaries
Publication date June 26, 2001
Previous The Princess Diaries
Next Princess in Love

The Princess Diaries Volume II: Princess in the Spotlight, released in the United Kingdom as Princess Diaries: Take Two, is the second book in the series The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot and was published in 2001.

Plot Edit

In this novel, Mia must learn to deal with public life, beginning with a primetime interview Mia is instructed to attend by her Grandmère, despite Mia's protests. When Mia gets a sore throat, she thinks that the interview will be cancelled, but she is drawn out of her sickbed by the entice of a "secret admirer", and cannot avoid the interview. During the interview itself, Mia accidentally says a number of embarrassing things, including that her mother is pregnant with the baby of her fiancé, Mr. Gianini (who is also Mia's algebra teacher). The pregnancy revealed, Grandmère organizes for the Royal Genovian Event Planner to be flown to New York from Genovia to plan an elaborate, elitist wedding. Mia has to deal with the unwanted attention brought on by the interview, along with the knowledge that a secret admirer has been sending her emails.

On the day of the wedding, Mia discovers that the pair eloped to Mexico. Mia herself manages to escape the wedding extravaganza in her bridesmaid gown to attend the Halloween screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with her friends, where she discovers that her secret admirer is her biology partner Kenny Showalter. Mia is disappointed, as she has been hoping that it would be Michael, her own crush and Lilly's older brother. The book ends with Mia philosophically reflecting that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and that she cannot hurt Kenny's feelings and accepts a date with him.