Princess in Love
Author Meg Cabot
Series Princess Diaries
Publication date 2002
Previous Princess in the Spotlight
Next Princess in Waiting

The Princess Diaries Volume III: Princess in Love, (released in the United Kingdom as Princess Diaries: Third Time Lucky), is a young adult book in the critically acclaimed Princess Diaries series. Written by Meg Cabot, it was released in 2002 by Harper Collins Publishers and is the third book in the series.

Plot Edit

In this volume, Mia tries to decide how to break up with Kenny, her bio partner who sent anonymous love letters to her expressing his feelings for her. Mia does not love Kenny, but feels bad about liking Michael instead. Mia decides to send Michael anonymous love letters too because it worked out so well for Kenny. Without Mia's knowledge, Tina has been telling Lilly, who has been telling Michael that it is Mia who is sending the letters. Later on in the book Michael shows her a message on his computer that tells her that he knows she has been sending the letters, but he likes her too.

Mia thinks that Michael was making fun of her. She is devastated and does not want to go to the dance, deciding to move to Genovia. When her grandmother makes Lars drive her there, she gives in.

Mia is about to go home when she sees Michael, and they share their first kiss.