Princess On The Brink
Author Meg Cabot
Series Princess Diaries
Publication date January 2007
Previous Party Princess
Next Princess Mia

The Princess Diaries, Volume VIII: Princess on the Brink, released in the United Kingdom as The Princess Diaries: After Eight, is a young adult book in the critically acclaimed Princess Diaries series.

Written by Meg Cabot, it was released in 2007 by Harper Collins Publishers and is the eighth novel in the series.

Plot Edit

Mia is a junior. She is no longer student president but more problems come along as she passes through the school year. First, Michael tells Mia that he needs to spend a year (or more) in Japan. She is extremely upset about this and starts trying to find a way to get him to stay.

Grandmere plants this idea in her head that if Mia sleeps with Michael, he won't want to leave. But, just when she plucks up the courage to do so, she learns that Michael misled her at the beginning of their relationship about his relationship with Judith Gershner, and she now discovers that they had slept together. Mia and Michael break up, and Michael catches Mia (in a rather upset and confused state) kissing J.P. when he later comes to apologize to her. J.P. has just broken up with Lilly, and Kenny tells Lilly about the kiss.

Now, her former best friend and her former boyfriend no longer are speaking to her. When Mia goes to explain what happened to Michael, his plane to Japan has already taken off. J.P. asks if Mia would like to see Beauty and the Beast with him, and she says yes. But before she goes, she emails Michael and writes "Michael, I'm sorry," the only thing she can think of to say.

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