Princess Mia
Author Meg Cabot
Series Princess Diaries
Publication date 2008
Previous Princess On The Brink
Next Forever Princess

The Princess Diaries, Volume IX: Princess Mia, released in the United Kingdom as The Princess Diaries: To The Nines, is a young adult book in the critically acclaimed Princess Diaries series.

Written by Meg Cabot, it was released in the USA on December 26, 2007 by Harper Collins Publishers and is the ninth novel in the series.

Plot Edit

Mia Thermopolis is having a bad time. She's failing Chemistry and Pre-Calculus, Michael has moved to Japan thinking he hates her, Lilly isn't speaking to her, some-one has set up a hate site about her at, and Grandmere expects her to give a speech to the Domina Rei, the world's most exclusive women's society. Even when she goes to the theatre with J.P. as friends, it ends up all over the gossip magazines. When Michael finally calls, he decides it is best that they stay "just friends". Unable to cope, Mia retreats to her room and begins binge-eating and refuses to go to school for four days.

Eventually, Mia's family steps in. Her father takes her to see a cowboy psychologist, Dr. Knutz, who convinces Mia to return to school and try to move on with her life. Mia realizes she has depression, and returns to school, where Lilly still refuses to have anything to do with her. However, friendship comes from an unexpected direction: Lana Weinberger, Mia's enemy, offers her the olive branch, explaining that the main reason she disliked Mia was because of Lilly. Soon, the two have become friends. Before the chemistry lab explodes J.P. tells Mia that he loves her; Mia is glad, but she explains that she is not yet ready for a new relationship.

Meanwhile, as Mia is preparing for her speech to the Domina Rei, she discovers an old ancestress; Princess Amelie, who ruled Genovia for twelve days while she was only sixteen, before dying of the bubonic plague. By reading Amelie's diary, Mia discovers something shocking; over four hundred years ago, the princess legally changed Genovia from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, led by a Prime Minister. However, her father refuses to accept the document's legality, and when Mia asks Lilly for help, she publicly humiliates her and reveals that she is the one behind

Dr. Knutz helps Mia decide to reveal Princess Amelie's story to the Domina Rei in her speech; this brave act earns her an invitation to join, and an e-mail from Michael, to which Mia finally replies with a little happiness,and J.P earning her kiss.