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Mia Thermopolis

Full Name

Amelia "Mia" Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo


The Princess Diaries


Anne Hathaway

First seen

"The Princess Diaries"

Last seen

"Forever Princess"




Albert Einstein High School
Sarah Lawrence College


Princess of Genovia
Queen of Genovia
Author (book 10)


Princess of Genovia


Mia when she was 15

Amelia "Mia" Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi, most commonly known as Mia Thermopolis, is the main protagonist in the Princess Diaries book series.

Daughter to Helen Thermopolis and Phillipe Renaldi, she is the princess and sole heir to the throne of Genovia, a small country in Europe. Having lived most of her life in Greenwich Village, Mia attends Albert Einstein High School with her few close friends (including her best friends, Lilly Moscovitz and Tina Hakim-Baba). Her special talent is writing and she chronicles the main aspects of her life in various personal diaries. In the final franchise of The Princess Diaries films, she becomes Amelia Mignoette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldi "Queen of Genevoia." In the two Princess Diaries films, Mia Thermopolis is portrayed by Anne Hathaway.

Physical AppearanceEdit

At the beginning of the series, Mia is flat-chested, 5 feet 9 height, thin, and extremely large feet. During the events of Princess Mia, Mia grows an inch taller, developes a bust and becomes less of a "Q-tip".


Mia thinks that she is "not pretty, but not grossly disfigured". However, this can be argued as rather a lot of people think that Mia is very pretty. Her grandmother told her she was "really quite beautiful", and her distant cousin Sebastiano says the she "has a beautiful bone structure"


Mia is a sarcastic, funny person who lies a lot, making her nostrils flare. She is also very environmentally friendly,and loves animals,stating that she will never love anyone as much as her ginger cat, Fat Louie. Mia is worrisome, paranoid about Michael dumping her for either a smarter girl,a girl who is willing to "do it" with him or a "party girl". Also, Mia is quite romantic, writing love poems to Michael, who secretly loves her too, and insecure, constantly thinking of herself as a biological freak.

Mia's middle name is Mignonette and her username on Instant Messenger is FtLouie after her much loved cat.


Albert Einstein High School is headed by Principal Gupta. The school makes various attempts to celebrate and encourage diversity. For instance, the Cultural Diversity Dance in October, and the Non-Denominational Winter Dance. The school has a very complete core-curriculum, and prides itself in its gifted students. Mia is often sarcastic towards her placement in the Gifted & Talented class. She claims, she was put in the class to improve her lowly grade in Algebra. The teacher in charge of G & T is Mrs. Hill, who spends class time in the teacher's lounge across the hall. The mascot of Albert Einstein High is the Lion. Mia is now currently at Sarah Lawrence College and is done with high school.



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Mia's grandmother from her father's side. At first, they had a very complicated relationship due to the fact that Mia felt pressured to assume the throne and lied to by her family, since they never told her, her true identity and background. As time passes, Clarisse teaches Mia about the life of being a princess and its duties and slowly they open up to each other. There are times when Clarisse questioned whether or not Mia could truly ascend the throne and be able to lead Genevoia to greatness, but learned through her granddaughter's actions that she is more than ready and capable. Although, they go through arguments and hardships, they have proven to be like best friends and truly love and care for each others well being. Clarisse admits to Mia that Mia reminds her of her.

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Michael Moscovitz

Michael MoscovitzEdit

In Book 1 Mia doesn't realize that she has a crush on Michael, Lilly's older Brother, because she likes Josh Richter, who is one of the most popular guys in school. She and Michael share an excellent rapport and whenever the two start talking it's always a race to see who finishes first. Michael is described as the 3rd best looking guy in school after Josh Richter and Justin Baxendale. He has brown eyes, thick dark hair and is tall, handsome, and manly. In Book 1 he often flirts with Mia and says mean things about Josh so that Mia would change her opinion about him since he is aware of her feelings for him. He tries to ask her to the Cultural Diversity Dance but is interupted by Miss Hill. Mia runs away fearing that Michael might ask her to do math even on a weekend. Still, Michael shows up at the function to see whether Josh isn't doing anything wrong. After Mia publicly humiliates Josh, she spends most of her time talking to Michael. Michael finally asks her to dance with him and without hesitating Mia says yes. Everyone goes to Lilly's and Michael's house to watch Movies and return back except for Mia. Michael invites her to his room and plucks up the courage to play the song "The Tall Drink Of Water" which he writes for her but she doesn't get it.

In Book 2 Mia comes to know that she has a crush on Michael but is afraid to tell him. She starts getting messages from JoCrox, who is Kenny, her Biology partner. She secretly wishes that it should have been Michael but realizes that Michael is not the kind of person who won't sign his name at the end of a message. Michael once again fails to tell Mia how he feels about her.

In the beginning of Book 3, Mia is going out with Kenny. Michael is seen with Judith Gresher in book 3 leading Mia to believe that they are dating. Due to Kenny's love letters working on her she decides to write some to Michael. Michael is told about these by Lily and realising that she is returning his feelings, he creates a computer program to tell her how he feels. However after seeing this Mia panics, thinking that Michael has found out that she wrote the love letters and that he is teasing her. After breaking up with Kenny she arrives at the dance only to be cornered on her way out by Michael, who has been called there by Lilly. The two of them talk and confess there feelings about each other and finally share a kiss.

In book 4 Mia is in Genovia and is ecstatic about getting together with Michael, but is worried that he loves her as a friend as opposed to being in love with her. Worried and confused,Mia calls Tina for help and gives Mia Michael's number. On the phone he seems really happy to hear from her, despite her missing his birthday, and is romantic with her. When Mia arrives back she finds a message from Michael telling her that he is worried about her as she hasn't called for a while and that she should call him back when she gets the message. However,Mia, at the urging of her grandmere, puts off calling him believing that Jane Eyre is right not to chase boys. However they exchange message on IM-ing. The next day Michael is just as happy to see her as she is too see him, and he asks her on their first date. However her happiness was short-lived as Grandmere has her ball on the same night as their date. However,despite her belief that Michael will break up with her due to her missing their first date, he understands and invites her over to his place. While there they kiss and have a nice meal, watch star wars and Mia gives Michael his birthday present which he loves. All of this leads Mia too believe that Jane Eyre's strategy of not chasing boys isn't necessarily the right thing to do about her relationship with Michael. It is implied that they made love in the tenth book, Forever Princess.

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Nicholas Devereaux

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In Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement, Nicholas meets Mia at her 21st birthday ball where she accidentally steps on his foot when he dances with her. However, his uncle, who schemes to take Mia's crown and make Nicholas ascend the throne, makes Mia detest him because she believes he deceived her without telling her that he wanted the crown as well, and she was embarrassed by the fact that she flirted with him during the ball. Mia then gets engaged to Andrew Jacoby due to the condition that she must be married in order to be queen. Nicholas tries to flirt with Mia, so she falls in love with him, and eventually they both fall in love with each other. On the day of Mia's wedding, Nicholas finds out the truth that his uncle, who made him believe his father wanted him to be king as his death wish, betrayed him. He tries and saves Mia from his uncle who attempts to ruin the wedding. The wedding is postponed by Mia anyway, where she convinces the parliament and people of Genovia, that she can be queen without being married, and hands over her wedding to her grandmother. Finally, on the day of her coronation to be queen, he bends on one knee, professing his true love from her, where she accepts and they share a passionate kiss.


Lilly MoscovitzEdit

Lilly is Mia's best friend since kindergarten and they have their ups and downs, but they have remained loyal to each other. They bonded when one boy flashed at them and Lilly cooly replied 'I've seen bigger". Lilly has led Mia into many situations, showing that she is the more authoriative of the pair. When Mia and Michael break up, Lilly takes her brother's side and becomes estranged from Mia, for two years until Mia and Michael gets back together at the end of the Princess Diaries series.

Lana WeinbergerEdit

Mia and Lana have had a very complicated relationship with each other. In the earlier books of the series, Lana and Mia doesn't get along, as Lana's the popular girl and Mia's the geek. Lana taunts Mia about her flat chested. However, when Lilly and Mia fell out, Lana stepped in and became one of Mia's best friends.

The Princess DiariesEdit

In the first novel, Mia is introduced as a five-foot-nine, flat-chested freshman. She is close friends with Lilly Moscovitz, and later befriends Tina Hakim Baba. Mia's mother Helen Thermopolis gives Mia a journal to write about how she feels and thinks; seeing that Mia will not tell her mother anything that she is feeling. At school, Mia is rather unpopular and is enemies with popular junior cheerleader Lana Weinberger, who is very spiteful towards Mia. Mia finds out she is the princess of a small country named Genovia. The school later finds out from Grandmere, Mia's grandmother.

Mia has a crush on jock Josh Richter, the boyfriend of Lana Weinberger and the most popular boy in the school. A dance is coming up; Josh and Lana break up and Josh asks Mia out to the dance. Thinking Josh likes her, Mia accepts. At first Mia's parents are not happy about her going with Josh and forbid Mia to go, until Grandmere steps in and Mia is eventually allowed to go. Josh isn't very punctual, but eventually turns up. Mia is unimpressed when Josh orders her a steak for dinner at a restarunt, and after drinking nine bottles of champagne (one bottle for each person, excluding Mia, whose bottle was drunk by someone else) Josh and his friends decide to go the dance. Going to the school, however, the press is there and yells at Josh to kiss Mia. He does so, but Mia doesn't appreciate it and realizes Josh is the one who called the press and notified them Mia would be there tonight.

Disgusted, Mia leaves after Josh is scolded by her and her friends. Mia makes up with her friend Lilly, with whom she had been arguing with for the majority of the book. The book ends with Mia and Grandmere going for a drive, where they encounter the Blind Man. Grandmere tries to persuade Mia to help the man, but Mia refuses, and knows the truth about the blind man. Grandmere instead goes out to help him, and he attempts to make her one of his victims, but a fiesty Grandmere smacks him with her purse so hard his glasses fly off, and it is revealed that he can see.

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