Shirley "Mamaw" Thermopolis is the maternal grandmother of Hank Thermopolis, Mia Thermopolis and Rocky Thermopolis. She is married to Papaw Thermopolis where the couple owns a hardware store in Indiana. In additon to Helen, they have another daughter named Marie-Hank's mother.

Shirley Thermopolis


Hardware Store Owner

Significant Others

Papaw Thermopolis (husband)


Mia Thermopolis (granddaughter, via Helen)
Rocky Thermopolis (grandson, via Helen)
Hank Thermopolis (grandson, via Marie)
Marie Thermopolis (daughter)
Helen Thermopolis (daughter)
Unborn Great-Grandchildren (twins, via Mia)
Michael Moscovitz (grandson-in-law, via Mia)
Frank Gianini (son-in-law, via Helen)

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