Kenneth "Kenny" Showalter is a friend of Mia's and has a crush on her. In book three, she is his girlfriend, although she is in love with Michael. They break up at the end of the book, with Kenny believing that Mia is two-timing him with her best friend Lilly's boyfriend, Boris Pelkowski.

Physical Appearance:

Kenny is described by Mia as 6-feet tall, skinny and "kind of cute". He is also revealed to be blond and incapable of growing facial hair.


Kenny is very sweet and funny,and also romantic. He is quite shy, sending Mia anonymous love letters and calling her to make sure she knows he loves her. He is the one that Mia "likes but can't figure out". He is also a talented scientist and his screen name is E=MC2.


Mia Thermopolis:

Kenny develops a crush on Mia. Mia,without the heart to say no,accepts his invitation to go out with him. Kenny later assumes that Mia loves Boris and they break up. In the sixth book, Kenny says he is going out with a sporty,intelligent,blonde girl named Heather. It turns out he made her up to make Mia jealous.

Lilly Moscovitz:

Kenny and Lilly are friends, and Lilly can hardly believe it when he and Mia start going out,because Lilly knew that Mia was in love with Michael. In the ninth book,after her break up with John Paul Reynolds - Abernathy the Fourth, Lilly is caught kissing Kenny, and he escorts her to the Senior Prom. It was later revealed at the end of the book that Kenny and Lilly would be going to Columbia together.