Dave Farouq El-Abar is a student who, like Judith Gershner's boyfriend, goes to another school, Trinity. He goes out with Tina Hakim Baba until book four, when he dumped her for not returning his call and tells her, cruelly, to have a nice life. He starts dating a girl called Jasmine with aquamarine braces.

Tina is very depressed when Dave dumps her and misses him a lot. However, she gets over him enough to start dating Boris Pelkowski in the fifth book. Lilly calls Dave a sexist pig and tries to calm Tina down by assuring her she'll find someone better for her. 

In the first book, Tina gets giggly when she talks about Dave, indicating that their romance was light hearted at first. Mia said that even though Dave goes to Trinity, he is very nice, like Tina.