Book One: Mia Thermopolis was schocked when her father told her she was the princess of Genovia. She runs home angry, and tells her mother. How can she keep this away from her friends, and most of all, Lana? Also, the Cultural Diversity Dance is coming up, and a boy named Josh Richter asked her to it! What would happen there? 

Princess in the Spotlight: Mia had just found out that her mother, Helen Thermopolis, is pregnant. Panic attack! She gets sick, and had found out that her grandmother is making her go on an interview, on the tv. Mia tries not to get better, than found anonymous love letters were sent to her. She tried getting better fast and find out who it was. 

Princess in Love: Yes! Mia finally has a boyfriend! But, it is the wrong guy. She tries to figure out a way to dump him, without hurting his feelings. The one Mia really wants Michael, but he is going out with the head of computer club, Judith Gershner who can clone fruit flies. It is nearly her trip to Genovia, and she sends him anonymous love letters to Michael, but would he share his feelings back? 

Princess in Waiting: Mia is all the way over in Genovia, while she worries that Michael only loves her as a friend, only you don't french kiss your friend, do you? She worries that Michael would fall in love with some girl named Tiffany, with breasts, who can boogie board! You never know! When she comes back, and gets ready for their first date, she is invited to a ball by her dreaded Grandmere, Clarisse. Would Michael REALLY dump her?

Princess in Pink: Mia's fifteenth birthday is coming up, and Mia has forgotten about the number one most important thing, Prom! But, Michael hasn't said ANYTHING about it, at all! Her best friend, Lilly thinks Mia should just ask him about it, but she is worried that Michael will think Mia is being too pushy. Tina thinks Michael would ask her on her birthday. Would Mia get the best gift ever, with the exception of Fat Louie?

Princess in Training: Everything is not going very well for Mia. Her new boyfriend, Michael, is going to college, away from high school, and most of all, Mia. When Mia is in the Jet Line, Lana tells her that college boyfriends expect their girlfriends to Do It. When Mia talks to Michael about it, would he dump her? Lilly has elected Mia for student council president against the most popular girl in school, Lana. How could she get out of this mess? HOW?

Party Princess: Mia's school, Albert Einstein High School, is broke! Michael invited Mia to a COLLEGE party. Sounds like fun, right? Wrong! At the party, she started dancing with another guy in front of Michael!! Lilly said to Mia that she was 'sexy dancing' with J.P. J.P. is the guy that used to be 'The Guy Who Hates It When They Put Corn In The Chili', but turned out to be John Paul. Mia asked him to sit with her, and they became good friends. But, the worst part is, what would Michael say when he sees Mia again?  

Princess on the Brink: Everything is going 'alright' for Mia until she found out that her boyfriend, Michael is moving to Japan, and staying for a year, or more! Also, Tina thinks that Lilly Did It with J.P. over the summer. Mia tries convincing Michael to stay, but she just found out that Michael lost his virginity to Judith Gershner. Would Mia get back together with him, before it's too late?

Princess Mia: Michael had just broken up with Mia! She gets so sick, and doesn't want to go to school, dragging her into therapy with a COWBOY physcologist. Lilly doesn't like Mia any more, and they stopped being friends. J.P. said to Mia that he loved her, and she doesn't know what to do. It is too soon to get together with another guy, after their break up!

Forever Princess: It had been TWO YEARS, and Michael STILL hasn't come back. Mia is about to turn eighteen, and she had just found out that Michael is coming back to Manhattan! But, Mia is with J.P. now. Mia's friends decided to meet Michael, but it turned into a DISASTER. Why can't Mia stop resisting the urge to smell Michael's neck, and just be happy with J.P. her boyfriend?